Oscar Pistorius – Balance of Evidence

It seems unfair that one professional person alone should decide the outcome of any individual’s fate in any country.Balance

If Oscar Pistorius is found guilty of shooting his partner, then he’s not the only one who should be found culpable.

If there is any blame to apportion then it should be to the education system that instills in everyone the need to be aware of their external image only, full of bravado, seek to have a public image and to appear on television to precipitate these aims  … the macro question should be ‘Why do we seek fame and recognition’?

Questioning the legal system of a country that allows civilians to carry guns should also be addressed….

Warning signs abound in all relationships – it is the responsibilty of both parties to heed these signs and act on them.

 If Oscar Pistorius is sent to jail he will emerge more embittered, hateful and desirous of revenge than at any time prior to the incarceration.





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Talking Turkey and Religious Iconography

Recently returned from a holiday to Turkey – Calis Beach cos lack of suitable hotels in Fethiye.  Although I won’t mention the hotel’s name*….. here’s my review regarding un/suitability.   If u want 2 know more – ask 3rd Eye Sage……

NOT Suitable ….

  • For single travellers, really.   Not if u don’t like family-bonding and family-oriented activities around the pool.Talking Turkeys
  • If you don’t like cavorting, drunken grannies gyrating to Country & Western (very loud) songs at the poolside bar @ 3 o’clock in the morning. Every morning.   Especially not if your ‘upgraded’ room is directly opposite that bar.  
  • If u don’t like very loud music being played around poolside from 1400 onwards….
  • …Nor if u don’t like having to get up at 06h00 every day to ‘reserve’ your sunbed by the pool.
  • If u not keen on virulent atmospheres pervading the site.

 Suitable if you:

  • LU-U-U-U-RVE. ye old symbolism and enjoy being shunted between rooms so that the pernicious numbers 128 / 218 or any variation thereof hangs around yr neck 4 duration – so that Masonic Fraternity can get their Zionist Messiah off on you !!! Stooooopid – WAKE UP !!
  • Like to spend all yr time @ hotel and eating/drinking from their cafes/restaurants, for suitable amounts of loot (see below).
  • Like to not have yr room cleaned for first four days.
  • Like to be charged nearly double for single occupancy.  


  • Strong, granny-decibel-resistant ear plugs;
  • Lots of money to spend on hotel beverages exhibiting a 100% to 200% mark-up margin;
  • Appetites 4 malicious, down-spiralling gossip – especially about other residents;
  • Subconscious wishes 2 spend coupla weeks amongst other British people who all looking 4 common ground so they can feel they part of a group;
  • No desire to meet the natural, real Turks (whom u won’t find in a tourist compound like Calis Beach). Instead, you must want to spend all yr time getting to know the ‘Hotel-Naturalised’ Turks – discounted from ‘Real Turks’ description, cos the former have lived amongst British ppl 4 so long that their mental states have transitioned – they become juslike one of the British!  Wicked, Dude!!

 Top Tips

  •  Dolmus (bus) stop just up the road, to get away from compound.
  •  Don’t try and sneak in, carrying illicit bought bottles of water (to avoid the 200% mark up of hotel water), cos there is CCTV absolutely EVERYWHERE !!

Why is it that as soon as I sniff out, i.e. SENSE, the influence of the Zionist-Illuminati-Grey Wolves-Masonic-Pontifical cabal/Kabbal…… very bad and depressing things start to happen to me ?? 

Jam Today
Jam Today


 Is this the  inverse  of MAJIK ???


Note 2 the Zionist Messiah: 

  Y don’t u step up 2 the plate and B identified, major, Dire S-talker, cos there R millions of people who wd love to hear there is someone (better still, a Biblical someone)who can cure their financial and emotional problems.

Let’s think……, u cd put on reincarnations of yr concerts – don8 proceeds to those who R not  MILLIONAIRES………….

Put one on in Worthing and even I’d go – for a BIG, BIG, BIG …….. Fee.

 * Suffice it to say, there’s little harmony at this hotel.

Pix refs –


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Simon Says…… Allergies

Well, Simon, my version of events and life ‘n all things body-brain, say this:

 When individuals consume food ‘n drink that’s been tampered wiv using medication/chemicals or Genetic Modification – including but not restricted to – FRUIT ‘n VEGS (primary foods), thentheir  body’s immune system will react i.e. allergies.

 PINEAPPLES, in particular, have been GM’d for years and will cause an adverse reaction in many consumers.

 Watch out for multi health problems exponentially arising as food/drink move further away from Nature.

 More advice available from your local 3rd Eye Sage.




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Subtle Indoctrination of Men

The only reason people are glued to the TV to watch the Pistorius trial is cos he’s a public i.e ‘famous’ figure.  It’s intruding on private griefs and the law process. It’s sensationalism and for many people is extremely uncomfortable.  What’s the public’s opinion got to do with the final judgement? That’s why they appoint judges/juries isn’t it?  They (including some talk show DJs)  are just being nosey and voyeuristic.

Plus how can the Pistorius judge be totally impartial when she knows there’s all this Social Media commentary about the case?

Men With guns

Men With guns

What should REALLY be on trial is the subtle indoctrination of men worldwide to make them believe they have to be macho, egotistical and bullying in order to be a winner (army material), and to enhance their strength they need guns.  ALL the foregoing is magnified and mirrored by the roles of the above types of men (macho) in film, computer games and all creativity. In film, the shot people get up and walk away once the cameras stop rolling…

What people in the dock for gun crime need ….. is not jail which will make them harder and prob’ly (more) corrupt, and is a waste of a life, but a re-education on what it is to be a human being – the complete scale…..

 People in the West should wake up and realise they are reacting to frustration over having absolutely no control over the way their own country is run – all political parties being the same – progressing right wing (which is extreme left wing, when you compare communism and elite capitalism.) doctrines and dogmas.

When individuals have diminishing levels of control over their own lives, unable to do and live exactly as they would like, their need for vicarious enjoyment increases – an irrefutable law of inversion.



Men With guns –  http://www.panicposters.com/call-of-duty-black-ops-poster-cover.html 


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Prima Donna Bullies & Egotists

Isn’t it time a news channel or newspaper did a piece on Prima Donnas & bullies @ work?

All work places have male and female versions: the lower down the ££ pit, the more thereBitches 'n Bullies-www.hawaiipirc.org are: people who should be acting on a stage or in a bank as a vent for their Ego, instead of working in jobs that require minimal intelligence, where social status and appearance are more important than the actual work!!

 Prima Bullies use non-loop outsiders to get off on – to make them look clever and intelligent to their in-the-loop, insider work colleagues.

Outsiders = sub-EGO-standard people who are too stupid to realise the snickering that’s going on behind their backs.

 Meanwhile, the immediate bosses/line managers of the bullies’ work units will do nothing to quarterise the sepsis, not wanting to rock the boat. Instead they pull up their blinkers and carry on with their work, allowing these prima bullies to run rings around them cos they are too facile and unwilling to do anything about it. 

They, too, want to be liked by the people around them.  Absolutely incredible.

 Or do news organisations fit into one of the above categories?

Perhaps organisations with ‘bullying’ problems should engage the services of consultants who have expert knowledge on the twin Outer/Inner nature of humans, how to treat bullies and ways to eradicate bullying from the workplace.  Without necessarily getting rid of the Prima Bullies.

P.S.  Once again, various people I know have taken this personally – despite no names being mentioned!!!  If u have taken umbrage, then it applies to you!!!!!  The above are ….. QUITE SIMPLY….. my observations of people in multifarious workplaces, over the course of 20 very long years.  Set against knowledge of the needs of the twinned…. spirit-ego human being.

 No rocket science involved!!   Merely one of the secrets of the various chambers of the Unconscious minds of every person in the world  …..






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Waves and Habitual Love

There are so many forms of love that do not feature in any of the fodder fed to humans about this EMOTION.

For instance, when you do something every single day – day-in, day-out…… you become accustomed to this ‘ritual’ – because that is what it is: a fractal that contributes to the outcome of your day.

It could be said that you love this habit because it forms part of your comfort zone and determines in a small way the type of day you have.  The habit stays on that one level only – if it becomes more obsessive or changes its nature…… then it’s no longer a habit – it has mutated into something else that involves different emotions in the individual, e.g. fixations about people you see/hear in the media.
How I Found PhemeOr addictions to toothpaste:  everything about the ritual has changed and indicates that something more important is going on in the individual’s sub-mind.

If this habit were to be taken away, you’d definitely miss it, but you love it in a non-physical, non-obsessive way (similar to a friend) and you unconsciously expect to resume the habit – on another day.

The Subconscious-Spiritual mind is SO STRONG and important….. that it knows (by projecting potential situations into the ether nearby) who in the massive index of people you meet on your life’s journey ….you would (1) get on well with  (2) like to date (3) is a stolid Freemason and Agenda supporter (4) is all Ego, no Soul, and (5) is not to be trusted.
All above will doubtlessly be mirrored by the other person.

Most people’s relationships with rituals and habits will never involve sex or any physical contact. And the Angry Cowhabit will start to grate on one’s nerves if the object of the habit (delivers the show) pushes the Masonic envelope a bit too much……

That means you just have to turn it off.



http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Dresden_Fama_(2005).jpg –  Brunswyk


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Version Births – How Not to Apologise in Work Situations

“I’d like to apologise for my response to you last week, Mr Gibbon.

“I had no idea you would be so upset…..so upset that you felt impelled to take the matter to the manager of the shop. 

“No…… apart from that, I really am very sorry for my response to you, even though your recollection is tainted by your obvious emotions at the time.  No matter – I realise you have your own version of events which are the polar opposite to my own version of the situation; however I am mature enough to realise that management is OBVIOUSLY going to believe your siImagede of the story (customer is always right) and – let’s face it – we all have to grovel to the people that pay our wages !!

“If I may, I’d like to point out a few salient facts:  

  • “I did in fact preface my (offending) statement with an apology……… I said “I’m sorry you feel that way, but…….da daa da daa, etc.”, however you were so angry that you may have forgotten that bit;
  • “I never usually justify ANYTHING I do in life, but in my defence, I work with focus and intensity, so whilst I am ensuring all the company’s Employee Ethics Manual (including Fiscal, safety, security, environmental health concerns, legal implications, etc.) are being adhered to whilst we work in stressful situations, I am aware of the ratios of time-workload-staffing levels, together with the fact that we are critically understaffed in our workplace.   And we get no recognition, nor any thanks, for the hard work we all do.  Is it surprising that a few details are overlooked?
  • There are witnesses to the occurence; unfortunately they claim to have ‘not heard’ the actual discourse.    

“So, yes, I am very, VERY SORRY, MR Gibbon”

“…for what happened, even though that makes me out to be a liar and lacking in integrity and someone who cannot be trusted because she is, in some small and variable way…..unbalanced.  Perhaps.  

 “Indirectly, it impairs my intrapersonal relationship because I am well aware of karImagema and the effect on the unconscious mind of living a life that lacks integrity and truth, i.e. being very two faced – nice on the surface and a real bitch underneath because I am unable to pursue chosen, creative and adventurous arcs …. instead (because I am a Wages-Slave) coming out with derogatory comments about everyone I meet in life, so that my aura is a sulphur-rich cesspit that swirls with negative* and downward-spiralling emotions and actions, including demons with lots of heads; a cesspit that will develop in velocity, intensity and danger as it feeds on ego-inspired life paths, denials, comments and thoughts, and progresses toward (not a tortology BTW) the vacuum of super-massive Black Hole-dom.

 “And I wouldn’t want that to happen …….. how could I possibly live with myself?”

PS – * The word ‘negative’ is actually a positive in the world of Quantum Physics and Science – the very spiritual Metaphysical Twin….. is a negative.   Now there’s food for thought, Mr Gibbon …..


Anti Matter – Negative

PS ** The above should be read with the following image in mind………

Tongue in Cheek

Tongue in Cheek

Ref Images

www.metro.co.uk – tongue in cheek

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