Gym Policies and ‘Last Chance Saloons’

They say Welsh people begrudge others who do them wrong for too long……… not surprising really given that they were removed by the Normans, Jutes, Angles/Saxons and Vikings from their once homeland, England – that country now being a den for the Zionist-Illuminati-Masonic cabal (the modern name for the above).  Besides, grudges aren’t a tribal trait:  they’re a Spirit-Ego feature.    Anyway….

 I experienced a real first, one day last week:   I left my usual gym after two hours there, feeling angry and stressed out – not the ideal effect of working out.   This was because (1) no electricity hence no running machines working and (2) I wasn’t allowed entry to the circuits class cos I turned up a few minutes late.

The last despite having skipped the warm up in a previous recent class: this oversight was apparently the fault of either the class instructors for failure to notify users, or the gym user for not realising the old notice on the door was now to be taken seriously!!  

Surely it’s the responsibility of Gym management to ensure all regular users know about any change to gym rules/policies before turning up for classes; then to give ignorant users one last chance to be late for the class before blocking entry.   

Wot, no Management recollection of Chris Patten’s “Last Chance Saloon” statements?


About Hiplane-3rd Eye Symbolism

Intuitive Consultant on Health and Subtle Intelligence - the language that your spiritual Metaphysical Twin* uses to speak to you. Secondly, Symbolism is the language used by the Elite to run the World. Thus if you know the format, you will know everything about yourself and the Global future: the road chosen by The Elite to take humanity down. All in Plain Sight - provided that you understand the language of Spirit: Symbolism, Synchronicity and Subtle Intelligence. This is what enlightenment is all about. *Unconscious minds
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