Global Inflation – “The Edge of the Stage”*

I first heard David Byrne’s music in South Africa in the 1980’s; my (then) brother-in-law continually played Talking Heads very loudly.    The emotions elicited by the music and images were at diametrically opposite ends of the scale: loved the sound (even though some of it scarily reflected areas of my own subconscious) – perplexed and confused by the lyrics and sleeve visuals of the Talking Heads (and later DB) albums.                                    

But then I was scared stiff of about 79% of my mind because I knew so very little about the way any of it worked; what I DID know I didn’t like at all – yet my unconscious minds and imagination took up so much space …… that I spent more time there than with my conscious mind.

 And I certainly hadn’t been taught at school/college anything about the Fleur de Lys minds** nor the latent way in which the world was ruled by a tribe of reborn (self named) gods and monsters who use MONEY (and its ‘shortage’) to (1) economically cull the world of unwanted people and (2) control those who remain on the earth – who are NOT the fittest, but the ones with the most money.

  Well……  I  certainly know  all  about  all  the unconscious  minds  now  !!!!

 Naturally, when I saw the unusualimg-byrne1_145738770596_jpg_standalone’ image*** entitled ‘Tight Spot’, produced by David Byrne and displayed at the Pace Gallery, New York, the message was incomprehensible to me (at first) thus I felt the need to deconstruct the image/sound in order to understand it.

 The following is my interpretation and opinion only.

 The image is of a very large – too large – globe that features mainly water:  the Atlantic Ocean and a bit of land – trying to push through STEEL pillars that support a highway or road above.

 In a nutshell……….. the image represents (to me) the future for the world and people.   The area that succeeds in moving to the next level, IS the next level i.e. the imagination, minds (including subconscious) and creativity of all individuals.   Plus the directors of life’s economic situations – The Elite.   Physical bodies become redundant due to sickness and immobility#.  
The Atlantic Ocean represents The Elite, i.e. the Illuminated Tribe that controls people’s lives; WATER means the subconscious (incorporating subliminal, subtext, subtle and second sight).  The edges of earth that make it through the pillars are West Africa, Brazil, bits of Europe and inevitably Greenland (belongs to The Elite).   All pieces of land important to our Dear (mythological) Leaders.

#Caused by people’s ignorance of applying intuition, natural and scientific principles plus Alchemy to their lives.

The Pillars are those revered by ancient civilisations and now seen in all occult arts – e.g. Tarot, plus 9/11 pillars and the banks – Le Doric Columns, lest we forget……

The pillars are also………. Pi – the tool used to progress the FIA****.

The High Line above is a road (like a highway… high road), a living art and natural space, an old railroad and a level or BAND that exists ABOVE the mundane, heavy and conscious level that people operate on.  Layers and dimensions mentioned throughout Alchemy and all mythological texts and critically important for individuals to attain real happiness.

 The installation has been named ‘Global Inflation’ and describes ‘a blown up world’.   See previous posts about pyrotechnics, edges, blowing things up including human physical bodies through ignorance of Alchemy and Sacred Geometry.

The creative work was displayed from 15/9/11 to 1/10/11 – both very significant numbers to the spiritual, ‘sacred’ state of humans thus to The Elite.

 ……And after uncovering the Metaphysical truth about people and the point of existence by following spiritual, intuitive desires, life experience and natural knowledge, I know exactly what David Byrne/Talking Heads were singing and projecting images about. 
30 years on, the emotions elicited by DB/TH music and visuals remain diametrically opposed:  love the music and hate the subtextual truth that all the material reveals for humanity….. 
Very sad.

 A further detailed explanation of the image is below.

 Atlas the Earth

Atlas is the globe and world we live on and whose direction is totally controlled by the people who determine that humanity should devote their entire lives to pursuing essential needs, instead of seeking spiritual-human development and natural elevation.    The Atlas constitues the earth (conscious) and sea (unconscious-es).

 The word ‘Atlantic’ means:

  • The image and name (Atlas and Atlanteotl) display a strong similarity to the word “Atlanteotl” can be divided to ‘ATL’ = Waters (i.e. the unconscious/hidden); ‘TEOTL’ = God. 
  • S-Shaped – very important form in sacred disciplines
  • Sea – subtext for the hidden unconscious minds**
  • The Atlantic is connected to Poseidon and other sea gods.    The world rulers are pirates and people at the helm of seafaring vessels that roam the waters of the earth looking for treasure to steal – invading subconscious minds to invert truth.
  • Mid Atlantic Ridge – the middle ridge or core of an unassailable set of beliefs, conduct and life purpose mentioned previously and known about (allegedly) by all spiritual practitioners.
  • Sea of Atlas:  Atlas refers to Atlas Mts and Mauritania – both mythological and now supposed to refer (for the disciples of Subtext) to the FIA**** and Illuminated Tribes that rule the world. 
  • In Greek Mythology, Atlas was the primordial Titan who supported the heavens.  Although associated with various places, he became commonly identified with the Atlas Mountains in north-west Africa.
    TITAN = Titanic in 1912 sunk whilst crossing Atlantic – centurial anniversary in 2012.
  • The root of the word ‘Atlantic’ is ATL …….. known in legal terms as ‘Above the Law’ which is naturally the status of the The Elite, or Illuminated Tribal Leaders (and some of their agents e.g. banksters).


  •  Wikipedia:  “Plato described the Atlanteans’ home as beyond the “Pillars of Hercules” (known as ‘Straits of Gibraltar’ now) on an island in the Atlantic Ocean.”   The name ‘Hercules’ is one of the alters or facets of the Zionist Messiah (err, maybe ‘Gibr-Alter’??).  Hence you find some celebrities/famous people (especially ones with labelling that promotes the Zionist Messiah) calling themselves ‘Hercules’ (to advance the FIA).
  • Pillars represent the Master number 11, including double pillars found in mythology, films, books (fiction and non-fiction), music, Tarot cards, Astrology (Gemini the Twins), the year 2011.
  • Pylons – conduct electricity, essential for human lighting and heat and are significant in other subtext ways.
  • Referenced widely in mythology as being gates to heaven/hell.
  • Doric Pillars (and others) – favourites of ancient Greek builders and modern bank builders.

 Pillars and overhead road construction

The visual is:  Pi – Π.   See previous posts.

Overhead Road Construction/Highway

  • Called The High Line in NYC – New York is the X-over point between human and spiritual.
  • The macro or BIG PICTURE importance of the concept of a High Line is that of a high road from which the IP or the Elite/Elders direct world affairs and control humans’ future.   Also a creative and natural space, providing people with an escape from reality.
  • Is one mile (1.6 km) long:  16 or 61 is a KEY number in both Tarot (the Tower) and the Forward Agenda that promotes splits – starting with 9/11 in 2001 between people e.g. rich/poor and black/white.
  • The High Line used to be an elevated freight railroad spur named the West Side Line.   Freight – is a term used to progress the FIA; West Side = direction of movement for world and indivs – i.e. sun sets in west hence natural movement for world and circadian rhythm of all living beings.
  • The High Line now is an elevated Greenway – the favoured colour of the FIA as it signifies natural AND spiritual growth.
  • The High Line Park runs from one block from West 12th street – number 12 very important to Sacred Geometry, subtext hence the FIA and Zionist Messiah.  This is in the meatpacking district; meat = flesh.
  • Railroad visual = twin tracks with wooden slats, H – important to human survival – literally and elementally.
  • The High Line runs through Chelsea to the West Side Yard, near the Javits Convention Centre.   Interpretation:   Chelsea = UK home of Zionist Messiah; West Side – see above.

 “The recycling of the railway into an urban park has spurred real estate development”.

Recycle = reborn into subtext meaning ie. behind the lines of conscious awareness e.g. ‘news’ put out on TV.


*  “It’s always showtime here at the ……Edge of the Stage”  is a line from a Talking Heads song called ‘Girlfriend is Better’ – initials ‘GIB’….

**Fleur de Lys minds = subconscious, Superconscious, subfusconscious, Conscience and conscious chambers of everyone’s minds.

*** Visual used courtesy of Pace Gallery – on display 15-09-11 to 01-10-11. 

****  FIA = Forward Illuminated Agenda.

Photo of original Tight Spot:

MORE powerful songs by Talking Heads about Water:   Once in a Lifetime –


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About Hiplane-3rd Eye Symbolism

Intuitive Consultant on Health and Subtle Intelligence - the language that your spiritual Metaphysical Twin* uses to speak to you. Secondly, Symbolism is the language used by the Elite to run the World. Thus if you know the format, you will know everything about yourself and the Global future: the road chosen by The Elite to take humanity down. All in Plain Sight - provided that you understand the language of Spirit: Symbolism, Synchronicity and Subtle Intelligence. This is what enlightenment is all about. *Unconscious minds
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