Cruising the Plasma and Sensing the Sidewinders

I was one of the millions who went to see the latest Tom Cruise blockbusterMi4 – Ghost Protocol” and, like many of the viewers in the theatre, was on the edge of my seat throughout: the 133 minutes of celluloid literally flew by.   The film was absolutely stunning and my first thought on reluctantly leaving the cinema was:

“Since I’m not fortunate enough to enjoy an adrenaline-filled life (through variety and natural exhilaration), this is the very next best thing.”  

I also saw/heard a few of the interviews given by TC at the time of release, and sensed subliminal background messages.   This despite the law that the media must be impartial (that’s the power of subtext and innuendo!)

You’d think that journalists and interviewers (who obviously reside in the upper echelons of society and who talk [when convenient] about their ‘spiritual’ nature!) would be more considerate of their interviewees, instead of throwing around sidewinders and innuendo that obviously undermines anyone being interviewed.

When I see the words ‘Tom Cruise’, my mind shows me a reel of the many scenes from the extensive filmography of this actor that have for over 20 years been used by the Universe and my Metaphysical Twin to tell me about:

  • The sub- and  super-conscious minds and their fractalised nature – Rainman
  • The multi-faceted individual; intuitive and highly intelligent chambers of the mind; control of humans via the unconscious – Rainman and Eyes Wide Shut, Minority Report
  • Natural highs and human-spirit potential – Jerry Maguire plus all the M:I and action films.
  • Fractional Reserve Banking – Cocktail
  • Human beings’ duplicitous natures – A Few Good Men, Eyes Wide Shut, Tropic Thunder, Collateral, The Firm and many others
  • The Technology balloon – all M:I films and post-2000 films
  • The dystopian future and unpublicised aspects of the World Forward Agenda – Minority Report, War of the Worlds, Vanilla Sky, Eyes Wide Shut
  • More Future – all the M:I films.
    Indeed the very experience of watching the  movie – living life vicariously, or through the medium of med…….. through the MEDIA, due to physical, mental or financial immobility*.

Nothing else.  No sidewinders.

One of the most overlooked actors and film stars in Oscar’s history.


* At root level, financial immobility – without the freedom to follow inner desires for human-spirit development, humans seek escape in substances that will incapacitate the physical-mental components.


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About Hiplane-3rd Eye Symbolism

Intuitive Consultant on Health and Subtle Intelligence - the language that your spiritual Metaphysical Twin* uses to speak to you. Secondly, Symbolism is the language used by the Elite to run the World. Thus if you know the format, you will know everything about yourself and the Global future: the road chosen by The Elite to take humanity down. All in Plain Sight - provided that you understand the language of Spirit: Symbolism, Synchronicity and Subtle Intelligence. This is what enlightenment is all about. *Unconscious minds
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