May the 4th be With You

Yes, we all know why the title (today’s date, 4th May) is almost a national holiday to celebrate Star Wars.

The image will already be known to your unconscious mind, but with a different name/function – as the Medulla Oblongata and important to eastern Spiritual disciplines to facilitate meditation and inner travels.

But not many people know why this 1970’s film is on a nauseatingly repetitive loop in the media; why we’re not allowed to forget about Star Wars – nor Titanic, the World Wars (I and II), 9/11 (more Caduceus) and The War on Terror:  Proof that a double negative really DOES make a positive!!!   This  double negative mathematical ‘model’….. resonates also in the sector of finance.    But not for everyone, a fact that most people are now waking up to.

Images Refs.

Darth vader –


About Hiplane-3rd Eye Symbolism

Intuitive Consultant on Health and Subtle Intelligence - the language that your spiritual Metaphysical Twin* uses to speak to you. Secondly, Symbolism is the language used by the Elite to run the World. Thus if you know the format, you will know everything about yourself and the Global future: the road chosen by The Elite to take humanity down. All in Plain Sight - provided that you understand the language of Spirit: Symbolism, Synchronicity and Subtle Intelligence. This is what enlightenment is all about. *Unconscious minds
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