Toilet Humour for Spiritual Aspirants

Spiritual people need spiritual tools.

Recently saw toilet roll holders provided by Leonardo ….. complete with ‘da vinci’ on the plastic toilet roll covers.

If we can’t realise Vitruvian Man ourselves, at least we can be reminded of humans’ great historical potential whilst sitting on the toilet.

Anyone familiar with the work of Leonardo da Vinci will know that he shares certain characteristics with the current Zionist Messiah.

Another subtle reminder that modern man is encouraged via external symbolism to remain at the very lowest – the bottom rung – of the ascension ladder.   

Next visual please:  Rodin crossed with Da Vinci?


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About Hiplane-3rd Eye Symbolism

Intuitive Consultant on Health and Subtle Intelligence - the language that your spiritual Metaphysical Twin* uses to speak to you. Secondly, Symbolism is the language used by the Elite to run the World. Thus if you know the format, you will know everything about yourself and the Global future: the road chosen by The Elite to take humanity down. All in Plain Sight - provided that you understand the language of Spirit: Symbolism, Synchronicity and Subtle Intelligence. This is what enlightenment is all about. *Unconscious minds
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