Spinderella – Grand Clan Selfish God Delusions

If I wanted to compare two major historical subjects that remain relevant in the 21st Century, I think I’d do it in the following way:

Examine the roots, origin and history of each subject; the instruments used to communicate the info, areas of similarity and areas of disagreement. 

I’d also look at currency i.e. popularity, public perspectives and generational metamorphosis (changeability) of the subjects.   Summation would present comparative ratios i.e. winners and losers.

Obviously, I don’t work for the BBC, as I saw none of the above in the format used to present a recent program comparing Religion (Christianity) to Science – in September, at Rosh Hashannah:  no iplayer link.

By the end of the program I had the impression that Christianity/Religion had defeated Science (including Evolution) and Physics.

If you’re looking forward to watching a riveting piece of investigative debating, you’re in for a major disappointment.

However……. if you wish to watch a Masterpiece in S.P.I.N. (Segmented Polycentric Integrated Networks), or to sharpen your intuitive skills and learn about contradictions between the spoken word and body language-NVC-emotions, then THIS IS THE PROGRAM TO WATCH !!

Presenters:  Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi.
Richard Dawkins – Evolutionary Biologist, Atheist.
Contributors:   Baroness Susan Greenfield – British Scientist.
Prof Jim Al Khalili – Theoretical Physicist, Agnostic.

 Subject matter:   The Religion/Christianity and Science Debate

Instead of examining the roots of both Religion and Science (and Evolution), SPIN was applied.  Like a fishing net.

 A bit about S.P.I.N.

  • Looks like a fishing net – no definitive starting point.
  • Appears in the Bible and in Politics and the Forward Agenda.
  • SPIN is applied by ignoring the roots and origins of each subject.   All empirical evidence is ignored. 
  • In fact everything relevant is ignored, except one unconnected, peripheral square – or diamond:  one aspect that is far away from the core meaning of each subject and has little pertinence.  This facet will have been thoroughly researched and picked for its similarities to the opposite subject (science/physics).
  • Added bonus if you can find a facet that advances the Forward Agenda through Symbolism in this case:  Children.

Thus the entire program revolved around the similarities experienced by both Christians and Science adherents in their attitudes to CHILDREN*- who have no connection to the creation of humans.

Definition of Religion:  

The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods.
The belief that humans are created by an unseen superhuman called God.

Definition of Science:   

Systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.

Definition of Evolution:

The gradual development of something, esp. from a simple to a more complex form.

Question:  how effectively were the major areas of contention, amongst them the above definitions, debated?

Answer:  They weren’t.

 Absolutely stunning.

You come away thinking and feeling you’ve been conned in a major way, yet you just … can’t …put your finger on how or why.

A bit like Politics.

*Children – to non-subtexters, the word describes offspring; to those who comprehend DOUBLESPEAK and subtext, the word ‘children’ has a totally different meaning, which is revealed via Symbolism.

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Quotes on religion, science, evolution:
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About Hiplane-3rd Eye Symbolism

Intuitive Consultant on Health and Subtle Intelligence - the language that your spiritual Metaphysical Twin* uses to speak to you. Secondly, Symbolism is the language used by the Elite to run the World. Thus if you know the format, you will know everything about yourself and the Global future: the road chosen by The Elite to take humanity down. All in Plain Sight - provided that you understand the language of Spirit: Symbolism, Synchronicity and Subtle Intelligence. This is what enlightenment is all about. *Unconscious minds
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