About hiplane – Sharn Gillen (formerly Sian Jones)

Over 17 years ago the writer learned that the physical body is simply the earthly expression of the fastest and slowest chambers of the spiritual-soul mind.   By living outside of your physical and mental state (i.e. in the Spiritual zone) and in alignment with your highest Metaphysical Twin – or ghost – whose home is various points in Outer Space, e.g. Assemblage Point, you will know everything about the world, yourself, people’s twin nature, the Future, the Forward Agenda, Soul Mates, Soul Families, the massive value of sole travel, the reality of dreams and the meaning of Russia……..Ros, Rose, Ors, Metals, Alchemy, the masses, Egyptian Mythology and Rosicrucians.  

All invisible intelligence and twinstates are referred to as Second Sight and Subtle Intelligence .::. this information* breaks down all barriers and boundaries that divide humanity and replaces them with a sea of knowledge and universal intelligence which you, the individual Soul aspect, knows is the greatest unifying aspect that exists in the Universe.   

However, such is the rigid control over the conscious and subconscious minds of humanity that no matter how ‘high’ your subtle intelligence and connective spiritual threads to perceived members of the same Spiritual family …… there are some barriers that will never be overcome:  

Illuminati + £££/$$$ = Separation in Perpetuity

* Oulined in the Tetraktys and Egyptian Mythology



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