Probability Spectrum – Gate to Hazards or Synchronicity

Electro-Magnetic Brain Probability is ephemeral – hard to measure (as are  all things esoteric) but ABSOLUTE!!!  Yes, it is disappearing but  ONLY BECAUSE mankind is ignoring and denying its inner Alchemical and Spiritual side – held in the subconscious mind* (for sanity maintenance if nothing else) and reflected in the Ether/Universe – which is known about by all plants and everything Natural.   As does the body’s own hormone infrastructure, including the Pineal Gland which is the doorway to the 3rd eye:  that part of the brain which alerts your whole being to anything out of the ordinary, innuendo and time of day……… that is, the subtext meaning to Black and White.  The latter is one of  the tactics used to control humans.  (Another day, another blog).

Instead people ‘choose’ to mine the outer path of Ego and ownership of Perspectives - World Travelmoney/wealth.  Instead of Superintelligence, Intuition and sublime synchronicity arising from spontaneous living and whim travel (to find high, light places and people you’ve met in your dreams…..) and the pursuit of inner desires to express creativity and develop the multi facets of all individuals …. the world is inhabited by people desperate to escape their conscious life because (1) they are so miserable in their work/home life and (2) all actions are precipitated by MANIPULATION and deviousness!!    
G-O-B-S-M-A-C-K-I-N-G  in the X Stream

But such escape happens only within constricted comfort zones (cos no £££ to move out) using approved chemicals – food, alcohol, pills and energy drinks – and sensationalism using the genitals to spark interest……. 

 Big snowball.   Very big warnings.  

PS.  The opposite of Supernature, synchronicity and sublime unfoldments…….
is RISK, danger and bad luck.  Chair Status

The only way to control persons on the way down is through Risk Management:  it’s everywhere, dudes…..

Think about it…. No Rocket Science involved.

  * The Subconscious mind speaks using symbolism, hormones, subtext etc.

Images Refs.

It has taken me OVER 3 HOURS  to write and post the above post – thanks to an impeccable….. SKY NETWORK ROUTER …..and very speedy, efficient  WORDPRESS blog facility.
                                                   Technology, eh?  Can’t beat it.

What a waste of time.

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Virtual Non Friendships

 At school, small girl finds small boy who she resonates with; nothing particular – bit of shared music, film, cultural tastes, but boy has a specific note that she (or her ‘note’) recognises and knows beyond speech that they will be/are/have been firm friends, even though she can’t see into the future.  Or past.

They hold hands, play in the playground and get along swimmingly for a while.  There is even a symbiosis of mental/spiritual thoughts – kind of like conversation is irrelevant.

 However.  There is another boPrimal Screamy (let’s call him “D”) in the school who is stalking and harassing said girl.  Until now she has managed to evade his clutches, even though he and his evil extended family do everything in their power to scare, intimidate and threaten her (mafia version of ‘love’).

 Then small boy is seduced and beguiled by bright lights and Ego of stalker boy ‘D’ who promises small boy sweets, toys, ice cream and a chance to be a big shot in his gang.

 Small boy then proceeds to sell small girl down the river, as if their friendship meant nothing.   He proceeds to wear T shirts and other paraphernalia that promotes Stalker Boy D; in effect small boy shoves Stalker down the throat of small girl.

 Time for small girl to exit – stage right.

 Is that what’s meant by Stagflation, I wonder.


Image Ref

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Norwegian Trolls

Modern trolls look like normal people. 

But they’re nowhere near normal….. 

They’re borderline psychotics.

And you know, it’s just not the same, writing blogs with the knowledge that you’re being ” Trolled “.

Is it?

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Planes in Spain – The Life Scientific

Wouldn’t it be incredible if people knew there was a platform, 5-Dimensional Space-N-Spaceplane – or square* …out in space that reveals to humans (and animals) the answers to all dilemmas and problems including the reasons for humans’ existence on earth (involves evolution). 

The answers are revealed in non-verbal speak – feelings, sensing, inner travelling* and other epiphanous sensations.

If people knew the door to this Golden Square could be opened by following the principles of Nature, Science, Alchemy**, Spirituality and Quantum Physics, would they sign up?   People’s inclinations, beliefs and tendencies are dictated by the very principles mentioned above – variously called:  the Golden Compass or the Holy Grail, and displayed in resplendent glory throughout the film, music, dance, art and all Creative worlds.

Penrose Wormhole

Penrose Wormhole

Doing a rapid, mental calculation:-   seeing as the conscious state of humans is at least 200 years away from the universal teachings of the above principles, the intent of which was to raise the intuitive knowledge of all individuals……… the answer I think is a resounding NO.

  The fallout from worshipping the Mammon-Ego partnership – to the exclusion of all else – will grow exponentially and shove humans further down the blackRaw sewage Hamilton water treatment plant hole of ignorance, desperation and vitriol until the sole comfort zone they inhabit looks like this cesspit:

Fault lines?

 Work it out People……No Rocket Science involved.


* Probably a Rhombus

 **Alchemy is the transmutation of metals (humans) into the highest state of supernal knowledge and health; that held by the all-seeing gods and goddesses that are threaded throughout Mythology – all over the world including Egypt and Greece.


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My Version of Events: In Virgin Techniques

I saw a newspaper article recently about Emile Sande and her debut album, “Our Version of Events”. Our Version of Events-ES Readers are told that Miss Sande has ‘beaten’ the Beatles’ record of having spent more consecutive weeks in the UK’s official Top 10, featuring a debut album. The Beatles, apparently, had achieved that goal back in ’63 ….. that would be 1963 ….with the song “Please Please Me”.

The reader is told that Emile’s album has sold 1.82 million copies in the UK.

All the above is massive symbolism that promotes/reflects the Bete Noire*, namely the guitar-playing Zionist Messiah – age = 63; birthdate = 128 (variation on 182). 196 is another KEY number of his.

Enough is Enough.

So I’m sorry Emile, although I love your music and feel a certain affinity cos half of u is from my own birthplace (Zambia), I am erasing from my website (3rdEyeSymbolism), references to your debut album. Because of the above links.
The very thought of any proximity to the ZM (they ruined my life) makes me feel violently ill…….. is that why they call themselves The ILLuminati? To make people sick??
Bye Bye.

Beware the Jub Jub Bird

Beware the Jub Jub Bird

*The reason that Humanity in its entirety has to suffer inversion…………..and be controlled by MONEY – thus everyone worships MAMMON (except the Illuminati cos they have SOLE ownership of the printing of money).
A by-product – or a squared effect, for all the Sacred Geometry aficionado’s out there – of this is: the worshippers of Mammon (all non-Capstone ignorants) will worship (1) the race of people that made the rules; (2) and their rules, which are: obsession with chasing bits of paper; obsession with the external form and perfection only; (beware of the worms inside).
And the metaphysical aim of the Illuminati is that the human race consciously and unconsciously worship their figurehead, the Zionist Messiah, through ignorance of Symbolism, Alchemy, history and all things taught at expensive, exclusive universities. In other words, through INVERSION.
That could be:


Indeed, Radio 2’s Ken Bruce played a song this very morning detailing the Illuminati’s exploits and plans for the human race: By the now defunct band, THE KLF, the song played was “The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu Land” (The JAMs). N.B. The use of the word** ‘THE’ indicates just how “On Message” I am.

** I never understood English Grammar at school, thus don’t know if the word “the” is a preposition, adverb or wot. I’ve just spent 30 minutes looking up on the internet a definition of ‘THE’ only to be presented with pages and pages of useless, totally unrelated guff. Nothing about the grammatical term for the word ‘THE’.

All this advertising and promotional garbage will rust the minds of humanity. When are they going to wake up and realise this fact?


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The Metaphysical Die – Spiritual Higgs Boson

There is a place – a dimension – in the ether: Oculus of the Pantheonoutside of every individual – where free wisdom, knowledge and sublime sensations, experiences and sweetness* magically happen. It is a place where vast arrays of exquisite words reside, waiting to be called upon by the individual who seeks to describe the luminous, original, personal awakening of their enlightened, higher and inner self: the zone of Superintelligence and Superconsciousness.

*Sweet = Essence = Cosmic Orgasms and other tissues sensations.
Known in Alchemy as the milk of Universal Goddess’s breasts.

It’s a place where the body and mind become one with the vibrations of the universe: the ripples, waves, torrents of the sea and young rivers surge through the body and mind in an extraordinary ecstasy as the human (physical and mental) is taken on awe-inspiring journeys of transcendence and learning.

Plasma-filamentsAll individuals are unconsciously aware (through millennia of evolution) of the state; it is this most elevated and heightened dimension that everyone is unknowingly striving to reach.

The above dimension has been recorded by people who have historically experienced the higher World. The expression takes the form of art, literature, music, dance, writing, film and all types of creativity that involve the higher minds. That is, not depraved activities or violence.

And still humanity is blind to the keys, striving only for possession of more MONEY, sinking ever lower to outdo Maggots - Beware the Jub Jub Birdand outwit each other’s Egos, developing reptilian skins as they suck themselves ever deeper into the vortex. Just like a blood-sucking Ouroboros.

The aforementioned is the Shadow side of all things Alchemy. It is the manifestation of ignorance of natural, scientific and quantum principles applied rigidly to the body and mind of every individual in the World.
That picture is of a Decomposing Possum ……..

Stanley Kubrick was absolutely right.

No Rocket Science involved.

Refs. -File Upload Bot (Magnus Manske) – Liftarn

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Bully Beef Great Britain

A most unpleasant experience happened at the BIG local gym tonight:   bullying.

What constitutes bullying?  Everyone has a personal interpretation – usually based on experience – of what this means.

For me, bullying means being pointedly harassed, demeaned, undermined and made fun of by a single person (the Lesser Bullying Experience – they hate solitude)  or by group of people (the Greater Bullying Experience – strength in numbers)   The bullying will occur in a public place and usually involves at least 2 people.

The Bullies

Ego Bullies

Ego Bullies

They usually subscribe RIGIDLY to 21st Century Society’s rules ‘n regulations for Ego Acceptance :-

  • Young
  • Attractive
  • Affluent
  • Very sociable

If you don’t fit into any/all of the above categories you could be subject to questionable behaviour by the usual bullies who feature the characteristics of:

  • Young
  • Yobs
  • Big muscles
  • Think they are Page 3 models
  • Have a massive Ego (and little else).

Reasons for Bullying

The bullying victim may find themselves questioning the reasons for the bullying:

  • Have I got a highly suspect recent history (that some people might know about) e.g. regular tunings into Porn channels*, frequent visits to massage parlours, a credit account with the local Prostitute Service, etc.
  • Have I got something coming out of my nose, mouth, ears or arse?
  • Has my behaviour been negligible e.g. in trouble with the Police, evidence of drug taking, alcohol abuse and other anti social behaviour? 
  • Am I involved with online Poker games …….?

If the answer to the above is YES, then bullying may well happen (though you can retaliate).

If the answer is NO, then you have a perfect platform from which to launch your revenge.

However, this takes time, perseverence and a certain knowledge of the ways in which the Ego-Spirit TWIN nature of all humans works, in order that you know the most efficacious methods to attack the underbelly of the Bullying Beast.

For all advice on bullying and other emotional situations, contact the writer.

I hope I see the bullies at my next visit to the Gym.

*Unless you visit Egypt, where the choice of TV channels is either extreme religion or extreme Porn: kind of like POLAR OPPOSITES.    Hmmmmm.  I wonder if that was intentional…… 


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